All Around Team Player - Greg Oden

One in a great while a child prodigy comes along, and Greg Oden is next in line, the USA Today Player of the Year is too good to be true, Greg Oden is the epitome of a student-athlete in that order which is refreshing, Greg Oden boasts a 3.6GPA and is humble almost to a fault.....

Well respected and nationally known recruiting analyst Bob Gibbons calls Greg Oden the best High School big man since Lew Alcindor(Kareen Abdul-Jabbar)....Greg Oden averaged 21pts. 10 rebounds and nearly 4 blocked shots per game and this is usually in a little more than 3 quarters due to the dominance Greg Oden's defending State Champion Lawrence North team displays. The best attribute Greg Oden has is Greg Oden's level headed-ness which is so rare for stars of Greg Oden's caliber, especially on the prep level, not once has Greg Oden even mentioned being bitter about the NBA's new rule that restricts players from directly turning pro out of High School nor did Greg Oden ever talk about coming out even when it was allowed, instead Greg Oden insisted Greg Oden was going to college(Ohio State) to become a better player and person which brings a smile to this writers face.

Greg Oden is truly a rare jewel in many ways.