Waiting One More Year - Greg Oden

Greg Oden's decision to play basketball at the Ohio State University coupled with the newly instituted NBA rule which mandates at least a year of college for all applicants, helped alot of individuals and one Conference in particular, the ACC....By deciding not to attend Wake Forest(one of his top choices) Greg Oden spared the superpowers of that Conference( Duke, and defending and rebuilding National Champion North Carolina) of having to deal with him at least 2 and up to 4 times a year, if Greg Oden wouldve committed to the Demon Deacons, the ripple effect wouldve been tremendous recruiting wise, adding at least teamate and good friend PG Mike Conley(a prep all american himself)  and possibly more to go along with Wake's already strong recuriting class.

Greg Oden also helped pro prospects by not being eligible to play in the NBA immediately because he was going to be the No.1 overall pick hands down, which especially help the draft stock of big men such as Andrew Bogut, Channing Frye, and fellow High Schooler Andrew bynum,Greg Oden hasnt even played one game in college but already is one of the most infleuential people in basketball amateur or professional.