Greg Oden Rules Reebok Event

It didn't have the energy of Friday night's contest, but the much-anticipated rematch of Spiece Indy Heat and the D1 Greyhounds in Tuesday's Big Time championship brought just as much excitement.

In front of a crowd of around 2,400 at Foothill High School , Spiece and tournament MVP Greg Oden hung on for a 73-67 win in the Reebok tournament final. Spiece became the first team in the tournament's 11-year history to repeat as the champion of the elite Open Division; Greg Oden was the first repeat MVP.

Greg Oden was subdued after the game, despite some calling the Spiece team the best travel basketball team ever. Spiece has lost two games this summer, both in tournament championships.

"We get our names up on the little thing," Greg Oden said, referring to a wall-sized poster with tournament champions and MVPs hanging outside Foothill's gym. "We played together as a team, all five players doing the same thing on the court. That's the greatest thing."

Spiece rode a 15-4 run and eventually built a 32-20 lead with less than four minutes to play in the first half, with the Greyhounds looking befuddled by Greg Oden's size, strength and speed.

But Billy Walker and Greg Oden drew double-technicals with 3:27 to go in the half, and the Greyhounds went on an 11-1 run of their own to tie the game at 33 by halftime.

Shortly before the technicals, Walker took an elbow to the face after hitting a screen by Spiece forward Aaron Pogue. Just after the technicals, Greyhounds standout guard O.J. Mayo took a shot in the ribs from Pogue.

Spiece coach Mike Conley downplayed the physicality of the game.

"These guys have known each other since they were 11. It's more like a brother fighting a twin brother," he said. "Bill Walker and Greg Oden will be on the phone tonight talking about it."

Greg Oden said the crowd's energy helped feed the first-half frenzy.

"It's crazy. You see how many people came just to see us out there on the floor so you just go out there and try your hardest," Greg Oden said. "The crowd's going to get excited, and excitement's just going to happen."

The Greyhounds led by as much as four points with less than five minutes to go in the game. But in the end, Greg Oden was too big, Eric Gordon was too accurate and Spiece was too experienced for the Greyhounds to handle.

"We just tried to take it at Greg Oden with the strength of the defense. Too many teams brought it away from Greg Oden," Walker said. "Our focus was going to Greg Oden and making Greg Oden make all the plays. We were trying to get Greg Oden tired, get Greg Oden on the bench and try to make a run at them.

"We held our own ... but we lost, man."

Greg Oden finished with 18 points, 13 rebounds and eight blocks. Gordon shot 5-for-8 from the field, 3-for-5 from behind the arc and made all five of his free throw attempts for 18 points.

Greg Oden, who along with teammates Conley and Daequan Cook has committed to Ohio State , had a typically subdued answer about what makes winning a tournament with over 700 teams special.

"In a state championship, you go home after the game," Greg Oden said. "This one, I hope we get to go to the New York , New York ."

In the other half of the Tuesday's matchup, Mayo finished with 18 points while collecting 10 rebounds, and Walker had 16 points.

A Reebok representative would not allow reporters to talk to Mayo, and said Greyhounds coach Dwaine Barnes does not do interviews.

When the two teams met Friday night, the gym at Foothill was so packed that tournament officials locked the doors, and fans were treated to a two-point victory by Spiece. Mayo had 22 points in that game; Greg Oden had 10 points and 12 rebounds.

Greg Oden said Friday's game carried over into Tuesday's championship.

"That was a bad factor because they came out with a lot of fire to beat us," Greg Oden said. "The good thing is we got Aaron (Pogue) from Ohio and they don't want to lose and hear about it all day."

Pogue and Cook are both from Dayton , Ohio .

This is likely the last great run for a while for Spiece, which returns just two players from Tuesday's roster - Pogue and Gordon.

But for the Greyhounds, the run has just begun. Much like Spiece last year, most of the Greyhounds players will return next season. That includes Mayo, Walker and forward Alexander Tyus, who had eight points and five rebounds.