Greg Oden National Television Debut

In his National Television debut Greg Oden put on a clinic in basketball fundamentals......Oden showcased all his physical gifts, he is a total throwback in the sense that he is a substance over style type of player, his basketball I.Q. is off the charts, time and again Greg Oden let the game come to him and maximized his teamates talents, it was as if Oden felt no pressure being labeled the next cant miss prospect, their were no forced shots or poor decisions, Greg Oden had the prescence of mind to keep passing out of double and sometimes triple teams, secured in his belief that his opportunity to score would come later, this mentality is very rare for any player let alone Prep player and indeed Greg Oden's time did come after a 2-point first half Oden poured in 14 in the second half, but the most impressive part about Oden 1st Half was that their was no detection of panic in his play or on his face.Greg Oden is still a work in progress, although he does a soft jump hook and a Kevin Garnett like physique, but the most impressive part of his game is his mental approach which is so advanced that you sometimes forget Greg Oden is 17 years old, he values winning and being a good team player over showboating  and being vain which so many of his contemporaries practice regularly, his major strenghts are passing and defense major weaknesses for just about all players his age, Greg Oden is clearly a student of the game.Oden's textbook style should be an example for every Prep player across america, he understands the it is a not a right to play the game but a privilege and theirs a wrong way and proper way play, which is something that is lost upon alot of us .