Greg Oden Jr

Height: 7-0
Weight: 245
Home: Indianapolis
School: Lawrence North High School
2004 Indiana Class 4A state champion.

Greg Oden Pre-draft (2007)

On April 20, 2007, Greg Oden announced that he would be entering the NBA Draft. Former UCLA center and NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton said that the world hasn't seen more than flashes of what Oden can do on offense.

On May 23, Greg Oden flew to Portland to meet with Nike executives to talk about a shoe contract.

On May 29, Greg Oden signed with Topps Trading Card Company to a 3-year deal worth at least $3 million. His first deal is a card featuring Greg Oden and Bill Russell.

At the Orlando predraft camp, the weekend of June 2, Greg Oden's official measurements listed him at at least 6-foot-11 without shoes (7-feet with shoes) and 257 lbs.

On June 19, Greg Oden flew to Portland to meet with the Portland Trail Blazers and went through a workout and physical examination on June 20.

On June 27 ESPN's Ric Bucher reported during a draft preview show that the Portland Trail Blazers have informed Greg Oden's camp that he will be the first pick in the 2007 NBA Draft. Greg Oden's agent, Mike Conley, Sr., and the Trail Blazers immediately denied the reports. However, the next day, an hour before the draft, the news was confirmed by Bill Duffy, who heads the agency that represents Greg Oden, that he would be selected first by Portland.

On June 28, 2007, Greg Oden was selected by the Portland Trail Blazers with the #1 overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft. Two of his Ohio State teammates were also chosen in the first round: Mike Conley, Jr. at #4, and Daequan Cook at #21. The last time two or more Ohio State players were selected in the first round of the same draft was in 1962 (Jerry Lucas at #6, John Havlicek at #9).

Greg Oden 2007 Summer league

Greg Oden chose the Trail Blazer uniform number 52, explaining the choice as a combination of digits from his numbers in high school (50) and college (20)

Greg Oden Bio in High School:

JR: Captured the 2004 TOC title and was named MVP. Offensively Greg Oden coming around and at this point, the word is out that Greg Oden a ridiculous talent who should be the No. 1 pick in the 2006 draft.

SOPH: Was the top player at the 2003 Nike Hoop Jamboree; attended All-American Camp. Considered the top prospect in high school basketball. Tremendous potential as a shot blocker and rebounder. Offense will come but Greg Oden will dunk everything in his path. Seems to have a passion for the game.

Every year at every major high school AAU camp, there is a player that causes spectators, coaches and members of the media to beg the question, "Have you seen (insert breaking star's name here)?" This year at the Peach Jam it was Greg Oden of Indiana. Drones of people flocked to the gym when the 6-11 center took to the floor. Once the ball was in the air and the game was on the clock, Greg Oden transformed from a quiet and humble 15 year old to one of the most dominating players in high school basketball. Since the Nike All American camp two weeks ago in Indianapolis and a 26 point, 12 rebound game in the Saturday session, college coaches from coast to coast have grabbed a chair to watch the big man in action. To Greg Oden, it's no big deal. "I try to just blank them out because I know if I paid any attention to them than I wouldn't play as good as I am playing now," Greg Oden said. "I realize this is the opportunity for me to play in front of college coaches. Hopefully they think about me when the time comes (to offer a scholarship). But right now, I'm just worried about high school." Several big time coaches all echoed the same thing about the David Robinson clone. "Greg Oden won't touch a college campus." That was the common thread between them all. Two NBA scouts caught glimpses of Greg Oden while the collegiate coaches can only sit back and hope. "There really isn't any interest right now (from schools) they've just sent me questionnaires. I haven't really thought about any schools right now," said Greg Oden, either playing down the new found attention or simply unfamiliar with the crazy game of recruiting. Greg Oden's coaches with Indiana Red said Greg Oden is just a normal kid living a normal 15 year old life. This new found fanfare is something that the new next big thing. "I'm really not that good. I need to get stronger and a lot of big men can shoot. I'm not that great at shooting," Greg Oden said. Greg Oden may not think of himself as a shooter but Greg Oden is one tough cookie inside the high percentage zone around the basket. Greg Oden displayed some of the best moves in the post out of any player at the Peach Jam, even Al Jefferson and LaMarcus Aldridge. "Greg Oden is a fantastic athlete that gets to the ground to the rim faster than most kids in high school basketball. Which is amazing for a kid his age," Rob Harrington, recruiting analyst of, said. In one game, Greg Oden took the ball from the right block, took a pivot move to the top end of the key then with one jump went under the basket for the two hand reverse flush. Those same coaches and scouts that were oohing and awing over Greg Oden earlier could only watch with their mouths open. While the basketball nation looks for the next LeBron James in next year's draft, they may have to wait for a while for Greg Oden. Skills wise, there aren't many players around the understand the post game like Greg Oden does. And Greg Oden is 15. Let the hype machine begin.